Why Maximus Is Your Whole Body Wellness Drink

Our modern lifestyles have us believing we are war-machines, taking upon ourselves numerous tasks each day while making lifestyle changes in a constant endeavour to reach certain set goals. In a bid to complete a multitude of tasks in limited time, we fall prey to modern diseases such as stress, hypertension, diabetes etc.

To fight the ills of urban living, an increasing number of people are working every day to get stronger and fitter, getting into clean eating and incorporating healthy food options in their daily diet. People who have given up sugar or are in the transition of a diet-change – we give you Maximus for that all-natural total body boost you are looking for.

Why does Maximus work? Maximus is an all-new, whole body wellness drink that is designed to improve your overall health with pure unadulterated power. It is a herbal infusion that makes you stronger every time you take a sip. For high potency, brew it for longer than usual and get your own healthy tonic you can sip all day. Maximus has also been designed keeping your taste buds in mind, and offers a sweet, delicious flavor profile which is nutritious at the same time. A good substitute for coffee and coke, Maximus contains no caffeine, making it a healthy, natural alternative to sugary energy drinks.

Moreover, Maximus is a multi-versatile drink – it makes great workout drink, fitness smoothies, detox drinks, ice tea and cocktails. Since it is naturally sweet, it can be easily transformed into all-natural healthy drinks. Cut fresh fruits, add lemon, add fresh herbs, chia seeds or alcohol to your Maxmius. It is easy to be playful and creative and curate your own body-booster with Maximus.

Maximus is made a holistic wellness drink by its three main superfood herbs:

1. Moringa – The latest superfood in the world also known as the ‘Tree of Life’ comes with natural healing, nutritious, anti-inflammatory and tissue-protecting properties. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals and its abundant antioxidants fight cellular damage and oxidative stress, making it useful in eliminating chronic exhaustion. Moreover, Moringa has also been proven to be helpful in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels while promoting cellular vitality.

2. Licorice root – Packed with anti-depressant compounds, licorice root promotes stress-fighting adrenal hormones in the body. It is also known to boost overall immunity and general wellness through its powerful antioxidants. If there is one herb that comes prepared to fight the mental and physical stress disorders, it is licorice root, which is medically documented to regulate cortisol, the stress hormone.

3. Stevia – Stevia is a natural sweetener with proven health benefits that range from controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels to preventing heart diseases, making it an excellent option for diabetics. It has no calories, and is great in relieving muscle pain and inflammation. It is also reported to aid in weight loss, an added bonus for those looking to shed pounds while retaining vitality and stamina through the day.

So say goodbye to the artificial energy drinks cluttering your fridge and go au naturel with the power of Maximus!

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