Unwind Detox

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Sometimes we have to hold our own hands. And something in between. A cup of something pure that helps you restore. Anxiety clouts our minds, tension clenches our body. Here comes an elixir for the aches and pains. A melodious blend, arranged with anti-oxidant rich Indian gooseberry and fennel seeds for a song that clears the mind, body and spirit. Enticingly aromatic for a delicious detox. Flush out the harsh toxins with this easy incorporation in your daily routine. After meal or late at night, feel free as a kite. Unwind.

Blend Type  –  Black tea blend


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Tasting Notes

Aroma – Floral, citrus, tarry and spicy
Flavor – Gutty, zesty, spicy with rose-sweetness

Origin Ingredients

Black tippy tea, Naga tea, Indian gooseberry, star anise, rose petals and stevia

Brewing Information

Serving: 1 tsp per cup or as desired
Brewing temperature: 100°C
Brewing Time: 3 – 5 minutes
Serve: Hot, ice or on the rocks

Health Benefits

Health benefits may include:
Improve digestive wellbeing
Boost the immune system
Increase metabolism
Eliminate chronic exhaustion
Lower blood sugar and cholestrol
Support liver functions

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