Insignia Romance

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Every sense needs stimulus. Every memory needs a trigger. Romance however, needs mystery. A cup for warm embrace. For the lovers of berry and wine comes a blend to fuel a journey to the deepest realms of your memory. In the moment. Everything stands still. You never know what you might find. The chase is both tempting and addictive. Only you and your memories linger with this contemplative delight. A medley of complex flavours with delicate notes of rosella, licorice root and Brazil wood for true gastronomical voyages along ice teas, cocktails or cookery. True romance starts within.

Blend Type  –  Green tea blend


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Tasting Notes

Aroma -Rich, citrus and inviting
Flavor – Berry-ish, woody, spicy with wine-like finish

Origin Ingredients

Green tippy tea, lemongrass, licorice root, rosella, brazil wood, cloves and stevia

Brewing Information

Serving: 1 tsp per cup or as desire
Brewing temperature: 100°C
Brewing Time: 5 – 8 minutes
Serve: Hot, ice or on the rocks

Health Benefits

Health benefits may include:
Reduce anxiety and stress
Boost immune system
Cleanse respiratory system
Calm muscle spasms and tightness
Protect skin and teeth
Support bone health

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